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are we human?
or are we dancers?
This is so dirty I’m read-more’ing it. Read at your own risk. BLAYTON

Peyton had never even seen a dildo before. Let alone touched one, let alone actually do as he was told and use it until Blaine got there. Needless to say, he was understanding masturbation as Jude taught him on a whole new level. He already had a condom on, and the dildo had been coated in the new water-based lubricant, and it was half way in his ass but even as flexible as he is, pushing it in that far had nearly put him over the edge, and he was panting from the pleasure and he really just wanted it to be Blaine and not some stupid piece of plastic. He already had the condom and the bottle of lube next to him„ so that Blaine wouldn’t take long. He sighed as he began to thrust the dildo, his arm reached behind him where he sat on his knees on the bed, his other hand wrapped around his own cock. He heard Blaine’s car in the driveway and smiled, not stopping.

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    But almost exactly as he felt his hand around Peyton and Peyton leaned back against the wall, Blaine knew he was close....
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    Peyton’s entire body was shaking from the effort it was taking to cling to Blaine, and he fell back against the wall...